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Do you struggle to compare resumes? Trying to select the right candidate? Knowing there is only a 50% chance that the person you hire today will be with you 18 months from now? There is a better way. Upgrade your hiring process with data-driven selection.

Define your core values, purpose and vision. Attract candidates who believe what you believe and repel the ones who don't.

Use a proven algorithm to discover how compatible your candidates are with the person they'll be working directly for. No more guesswork.

Sort candidates for compatibility to make data-driven decision on the best hire using a proven hiring process management tool. No more spreadsheets and missed opportunities.

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Your employees don't care

You know the best performers on your team? The ones that really make your company great? Don’t you wish you could find more of them? Less than 15% of employees are engaged around the world. Why? Because people are engaged when their basic human needs are met. It’s never been more important to find the RIGHT people. Because the RIGHT people show up with motivation and commitment and deliver creativity, innovation and customer service.

Why Your Hiring is Broken

Don’t worry, you're not alone. Almost all companies are making the same mistake. With the massive increase in recruitment options - job boards and social media - the focus is on reaching candidates. But recruitment is just the first step of the hiring process. What is the second step of the hiring process? Selection. You will never select the best candidate based on just demographic factors, key words, and gut feel. You will never establish a real process through spreadsheets, emails, and guesswork.

It’s Time for
a Digital-Age Hiring Process

Starting with step 1: Recruitment. Use job boards and social media. What can you do to attract and hire great performers consistently? Remember, great performers do it for more than money. They want to have an impact. They want growth. Inspire candidates with your values and the growth you offer, and you will be flooded with the best talent. Upgrade your step 2: Selection. Use OpenElevator. When it’s time to pick the right person, what matters? For you it might be a particular skill or experience. For engagement the research is clear. The number one reason employees will leave your company is the dissatisfaction in the relationship with their supervisor. So, to get exactly the right person for the job, who is both a technical and interpersonal fit, get the full picture. Get the data. Use the OpenElevator platform and easily get comparable answers from each applicant to your position-specific questions, on the criteria that is most important to you, as well as compatibility ranking of each applicant with the manager and values alignment with your organization. With OpenElevator confidently select which candidates to reject, which to shortlist and the ones to spend more time with interviewing, to hire the best candidate who performs and is engaged for the long-term.

Take the Guesswork out of Hiring with OpenElevator

The Future of hiring is here.
OpenElevator helps you easily select the right candidate to hire who is both a technical and interpersonal fit so that you can reduce employee turnover costs and increase long-term employee engagement.

Get access to the same sophisticated personality matching techniques that top dating websites use for compatibility matching in relationships. Use our platform to attract stakeholder who share your values and are excited about the growth you offer. Then assess their answers, compatibility with the hiring manager and values alignment with your organization. Rank-order these based on what really matters to you. Your future growth is too important to leave to guesswork.


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Unlike most HR software solutions which manage workflow and track employee hours, it tries to solve one of the most pressing problems in the workforce today: indifference of employees. The software can help you transform employees into stakeholders who actually care about the business. Read full review