Recruit, Retain &
Engaged Employees

OpenElevator’s sophisticated matching algorithm helps you select the best employees who are both a technical and interpersonal fit, to reduce turnover and increase long-term engagement, so you deliver superior innovation, creativity and customer service!

Choose the right solution. To select the best hire, assess interpersonal fit of top candidates, or optimize existing teams.

Get actionable and comparable data to support you, using a proven algorithm. No more guesswork.

Sort candidates or team members to make data-driven decisions. No more missed opportunities and mediocre performance.

Make Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions that
Enhance Your Performance for the Long-Term

Enhance your profitability and growth
with engaged employees

The OpenElevator platform provides compatibility ranking of each applicant with the manager and values alignment with your organization.

Ensure compatibility with managers; incompatibility with the boss is the #1 reason people leave their job
Assess values alignment: when people’s values are met, they are committed to work together to deliver towards the common goal

Take the Guesswork Out of Selecting the
Right Employees With OpenElevator

Need to optimize existing team performance?

1. Capture Manager Profile by Completing a 5-Minute Assessment.
2. Invite Team Members to Get Team Interpersonal Fit Data.
3. Make Data-Driven Decisions to Optimize Fit & Reward to Achieve Goals.

Already have top candidates identified?

1. Capture Manager Profile by Completing a 5-Minute Assessment.
2. Invite Candidates Via Email to Get Comparable Interpersonal Fit Data.
3. Hire The Right Person Selecting For Long-Term Engagement.

Need full talent selection assessment?

1. Create Company Profile Including Your Strengths & Values.
2. Define the Position Asking Position-Specific Questions.
3. Publish & Get Selecting to Confidently Make Data-Driven Shortlist.

Here is How Easily the Full Talent Selection Assessment Works!

Accelerate Your Recruitment, Retention
and Reassignment Process

Unlimited introductions to candidates

Unlimited company users

Unlimited access to applicant data

Powerful applicant management dashboard

Hiring-process management tool

Unlimited strengths profile comparisons

Smart team assessment module

Personalized and professional tool
to follow-up with candidates

What Our Users Have to Say

Julie Mericle Smith

"OpenElevator helps us choose people that are most likely going to help us succeed and grow. The tool is easy to use and the matching techniques work. It takes a lot of the fear and uncertainty out of hiring."

Director of Operations

Strongback Consulting

Roger Meister

"The guided process helps us considerably to reduce the time to process the incoming applications. Good usability overall with a well-designed user interface. OpenElevator is a great enhancement of our HR processes."

Chief Executive Officer

2Xideas AG

OpenElevator is the Only Platform Focused
on Hiring for Engagement

Unlike most HR software solutions which manage workflow and track employee hours, it tries to solve one of the most pressing problems in the workforce today: indifference of employees. The software can help you transform employees into stakeholders who actually care about the business.

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Let OpenElevator Help You Increase Your
Employee Engagement