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Throw your 20 th Century Hiring Process in the Trashcan

The filofax. VHS tapes. Rubik's Cubes. Your recruitment process. What do they have in common? They all belong in the 20th century. Discover the new model for hiring with data-driven recruitment.

Most employees are disengaged. You are not aligned with their needs.

When their needs aren’t met, your employees don’t perform. This hurts your bottom line.

The old model of hiring isn’t working. Invest in a solution fit for the digital revolution.

Your employees don't care

You know the star performers on your team? The ones that really make your company special? Don’t you wish you could find more of them? Less than 15% of your staff is truly engaged. Why? Because you are not truly meeting the basic human needs of those you hire. It’s never been more important to find the RIGHT people.

Why Your Hiring is Broken

Don’t worry, you're not alone. Almost all companies are making the same mistake. The Industrial Age Hiring Process doesn’t work. You won’t build a world-class company based on personal networks and friends and family. You won’t attract top performers with just job descriptions, pay, and benefits. You will never establish a real process through spreadsheets, emails, and guesswork.

It’s Time for
a Digital-Age Hiring Process

What if you could attract and hire star performers consistently? Great performers do it for more than money. They want to have an impact. They want growth. When you inspire employees with your values and their growth, you will be flooded with the best talent. Now it’s time to pick the right person. The research is clear. The number one reason employees will leave your company is the relationship they have with their supervisor. To get exactly the right person for the job, prioritize your hiring with a compatibility-driven hiring algorithm.

Take the Guesswork out of Hiring with OpenElevator

The Future of hiring is here.
OpenElevator helps you easily select the right candidate to hire who is both a technical and interpersonal fit so that you can reduce employee turnover costs and increase long-term employee engagement.

Get access to the same sophisticated personality matching techniques that top dating websites use for compatibility matching in relationships. Use our all-in-one hiring software to inspire top performers with your values. Then assess their growth needs to ensure you have what they really want. Then assess their personality to ensure they are compatible with the hiring manager. Then rank-order them based on what really matters. Your future growth is too important to leave to guesswork and outdated hiring processes.


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