Optimize your team collaboration & boost your Bottomline

OpenElevator’s sophisticated algorithm selects for the unique interpersonal and technical traits that matter to your business, giving you the power to accelerate team cohesion, increase productivity and reduce turnover.

Make Data-Driven Decisions that Eliminate the Guesswork from
Team Optimization & Talent Selection
generating better alignment, better performance, and better outcomes

Team Optimization

Proactively Address the Roots of Interpersonal Conflict,
Dysfunction and Negative Team Dynamics

  • Ensure compatibility within the team – incompatibility is the #1 reason people are disengaged and leave their job
  • Assess values alignment – when people’s values are met, they are more committed to work towards the common goals

Build a comprehensive compatibility matrix for your existing team members. Fast, accurate and cost-effective

Leverage FREE consultation and a proven algorithm to get actionable, comparable data - No more guesswork

Uncover which values are most important to each team member to define and deliver incentives that drive long-term engagement

Empower Your People to Work Collaboratively
in Support of Your Business Goals

  • Easily compare individual compatibility scoring across teams, with NO size restrictions and ZERO data confidentiality issues
  • Quickly sort and share insights with decision-making team members – boosting speed and quality in your team building process
  • Understand which individuals and managers work best together to increase collaboration and alignment
  • Learn which values are most important to each team member, identify gaps, and respond accordingly to deliver incentives that drive long-term engagement
  • Get visibility into which team members are disengaged and act proactively
  • Replace costly team building workshops

Take the Guesswork Out of Selecting the
Best Employees With OpenElevator

Need to optimize existing team performance?

1. Capture Manager Profile by Completing a 5-Minute Assessment.
2. Invite Team Members to Get Team Interpersonal Fit Data.
3. Make Data-Driven Decisions to Optimize Fit & Reward to Achieve Goals.

Already have top candidates identified?

1. Capture Manager Profile by Completing a 5-Minute Assessment.
2. Invite Candidates Via Email to Get Comparable Interpersonal Fit Data.
3. Hire The Right Person Selecting For Long-Term Engagement.

Need full talent selection assessment?

1. Create Company Profile Including Your Strengths & Values.
2. Define the Position Asking Position-Specific Questions.
3. Publish & Get Selecting to Confidently Make Data-Driven Shortlist.

What Our Users Have to Say

Julie Mericle Smith

"OpenElevator helps us choose people that are most likely going to help us succeed and grow. The tool is easy to use and the matching techniques work. It takes a lot of the fear and uncertainty out of hiring."

Director of Operations

Strongback Consulting

Roger Meister

"The guided process helps us considerably to reduce the time to process the incoming applications. Good usability overall with a well-designed user interface. OpenElevator is a great enhancement of our HR processes."

Chief Executive Officer

2Xideas AG

Talent Selection

Answer Your Most Pressing Question: Does This Person Have the
Ability and the Attitude to Deliver and Thrive in the Organization?

  • Ensure the right fit with our two-sided assessment - engagement levels vary by 70% from manager-to-manager within a given organization
  • Reduce your turnover costs by getting it right - nearly 50% of new hires leave the organization within 18 months

Sort and prioritize candidates based on the skills that matter to you. Fast, easy, informed decision-making

Determine which candidates are best for the manager & the organization with two-sided assessments - No more relying on gut-feel

Integrate easily with existing recruitment tools & processes to elevate the quality of your hiring process

Here is How Easily the Full Talent Selection Assessment Works!

Get to the Heart of Why a Candidate is a Good Fit for Your Organization and Your Team

  • Easily compare technical and interpersonal fit to select the best candidates to focus on to hire the right candidate
  • Quickly sort, download and share data with decision-making team members – gaining speed and quality in your hiring process
  • Ensure interpersonal fit with ZERO data confidentiality issues – comparing rank and score, NOT individual survey answers
  • Easy to use hiring-process management tool, elevating the quality of existing recruitment tools and processes
  • Unlimited company users
  • Unlimited introductions to candidates
  • Unlimited access to applicant data
  • Powerful applicant management dashboard
  • Personalized and professional tool to follow-up with candidates
  • No more time-consuming and expensive one-sided individual assessment

OpenElevator Enables You to Accelerate Team Cohesion,
Increase Productivity and Reduce Turnover

Unlike most HR software solutions which manage workflow and track employee hours, it tries to solve one of the most pressing problems in the workforce today: indifference of employees. The software can help you transform employees into stakeholders who actually care about the business.

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Let OpenElevator Help You Increase Your
Employee Engagement & Boost Your Bottomline

Got a Question?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

People who are engaged at work are more involved and more enthusiastic. They are loyal and productive and focused on getting things done. With more than 30 years of research, Gallup studies have shown that 85% of the global workforce is DISengaged with their employer - dramatically impacting a company’s results. So yeah, engagement really matters.

Compatibility matters the most. So we use a proven algorithm to measure the compatibility of applicants with the person they’re going to be working for (the manager). The algorithm is based on robust personality traits model.

The #1 reason for leaving - when you don’t work well with/ don’t like your boss. Not any more. Invite managers to complete a 5-minute assessment. In a few short steps, you’ll be able to identify applicants they’re compatible with.

Instantly. As each candidate completes their application they are automatically assessed for compatibility - and ranked against all the other candidates.

Yes. We take applicant and company profile data very seriously. We will never sell your data to any third parties. Not now. Not ever.

Applicants can upload their resume along with answers to any questions you’ve asked so all your recruitment documentation is in place and stored safely.

Yes. Our dashboard allows you to process the applicants and manage the selection process from shortlisting to rejecting candidates.

Yes. Create a company profile and then add as many users and managers as you need. Protect applicant data by ensuring access is limited only to the people relevant to the role.

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