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What Our Users Have to Say

Julie Mericle Smith

"OpenElevator helps us choose people that are most likely going to help us succeed and grow. The tool is easy to use and the matching techniques work. It takes a lot of the fear and uncertainty out of hiring."

Director of Operations

Strongback Consulting

Roger Meister

"The guided process helps us considerably to reduce the time to process the incoming applications. Good usability overall with a well-designed user interface. OpenElevator is a great enhancement of our HR processes."

Chief Executive Officer

2Xideas AG

OpenElevator is the Only Platform Focused
on Hiring for Engagement

Unlike most HR software solutions which manage workflow and track employee hours, it tries to solve one of the most pressing problems in the workforce today: indifference of employees. The software can help you transform employees into stakeholders who actually care about the business.

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