OpenElevator Frequently Asked Questions

Employes who are engaged are more involved and enthusiastic in their work and show up as stakeholders in the outcome. They are loyal, productive and focused on getting things done. With more than 30 years of research, Gallup has found that companies with high employee engagement have 147% higher earnings per share compared to their competition - dramatically impacting a company’s results. So yeah, engagement really matters.

We have invested years of research to make it simple, and therefore effective, for leaders to eliminate the guesswork out of existing team optimization and new candidate selection. To ensure best alignment, best collaboration and best performance, we deliver accurate and easy-to-validate results on how naturally an individual aligns with managers, team members, and the organization as a whole. The platform gets to the heart of how effortlessly individuals will collaborate and how likely they are to stay in the team for the long-term, which normally requires extensive time to uncover, removing the persistent, costly unknowns associated with team building.

The #1 reason people leave their jobs is because of dissatisfaction in their relationship with the manager. In fact, employee-manager alignment is the most important success factor, with engagement levels varying by 70% from manager-to-manager within a given organization. Now in a few short steps, you’ll be able to identify applicants that are aligned best to foster genuine trust and connection, for painless collaboration and for long-term successful performance and engagement.

Instantly. As each candidate completes their application they are automatically assessed for interpersonal alignment - and ranked against all the other candidates.

Yes. We take applicant and company profile data very seriously. We will never sell your data to any third parties. Not now. Not ever.

Applicants can upload their resume along with answers to any questions you’ve asked so all your recruitment documentation is in place and stored safely.

Yes. Our dashboard allows you to process the applicants and manage the selection process from shortlisting to rejecting candidates.

Yes. Create a company profile and then add as many users and managers as you need. Protect applicant data by ensuring access is limited only to the people relevant to the role.

Welcome aboard! There’s a global crisis in engagement. If you’re one of the few businesses that understand how empowered employees will positively impact your customer’s lives, click this link to watch our MasterClass at Google’s Innovation Campus in Warsaw, Poland.

After signing up to create the Admin account, you can setup your company profile, add more users (e.g. Hiring Managers or Support Users) or immediately start creating and posting positions. Once a position is published and candidates have applied, you can easily review, sort and select the applicants you want to interview in person. After you have found your ideal candidate, the position can be unpublished and the remaining candidates can be informed that the position has been filled. The platform is designed to make talent selection as easy and convenient for you as possible.

You can upload maximum file size of 2 MB, with maximum resolution of 1700x1700 pixels. If your picture is bigger, you can simply take a screen shot and upload it.

Yes. Please contact us with the following information::
a) the existing Administration account holder’s First and Last Name and email address and
b) the new Administration account holder’s First and Last Name and email address.

We will contact you for verification and then update the Administration account accordingly.

Only the Administration account holder can create and edit the Employer profile. To identify your account Administrator, please view your “Existing Users” page.

The logo can be added or edited on the profile page by the Administration account holder. To identify your account Administrator, please view your “Existing Users” page.

No. Simply have anyone on the platform at your company add you to the platform. You will get an invitation via email after they have added you. If you need support connecting with an existing user at your company, please contact us.

The Manager is the person to whom the new employee will report.

Support Users can be anyone that is not the Manager for the posted position. They are there to support in various capacities: from posting the position, selecting and/or reviewing the applications, to managing the application communication process.

Yes you need an account to publish a position. However, you are not asked to provide any payment information or obliged to use the service again in the future.

When you click “PUBLISH” you will be guided through the payment process. The payment is processed though 2checkout Inc (see 2checkout is a PCI level-1 certified global payment platform that offers a three-tier defense strategy to identify and prevent fraudulent activity. For more information, see

You are guided through our payment process when you click to “PUBLISH” your position. You will be charged a monthly fee in advance of the month. You will automatically be charged for the next month at the end of the prior month. If you do not wish to pay the new fee, you will need to stop the publication of the position by clicking “UNPUBLISH” prior to the end of the current month.

Yes. Please be assured that we take data protection very seriously, and your information will only be shared with third parties where they abide by applicable data protection legislation. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in full.

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Debit Cards. You can also choose to pay with PayPal. All payments are processed through a secure checkout system provided by our payment processing partner 2checkout Inc. (see 2checkout is a PCI level-1 certified global payment platform that offers a three-tier defense strategy to identify and prevent fraudulent activity. For more information, see

VAT is charged to clients domiciled in Switzerland only. The current rate is 7.7% and is shown on your invoice/payment confirmation. Additionally, of course, you are fully responsible for reporting any taxes (VAT or other) according to your country of business and/or residence inline with local tax laws. OpenElevator takes no responsibility for tax reporting whatsoever on behalf of clients.

Yes. Published positions can be edited and saved anytime, with the exception of the Employer's Questions for the Candidates. The Employer's Questions for the Candidates cannot be edited once a position is published.

The most likely reason is that you are logged in using an account already associated with an employer. To apply for position, you will need to create an account using a different email address. If this is not the case, please contact us at or via live chat.